Juniper Manor A Gin Infused Dining Experience

Juniper Manor - Gingerline & Sipsmith
A gin-infused dining experience

About The Manor

The Secret Soiree at Juniper Manor is the latest multi-room dining experience from Gingerline, the creators of Chambers of Flavour. It's a glorious immersive fusion of set design, interactive performance and more than a few gin-infused gastronomic secrets.

What is Juniper Manor?

Juniper Manor is a pleasure palace cum family home to the eccentric Juniper Family and its historian custodians. The Manor’s history dates back to the 1700’s when Judith Juniper, avant-garde apothecary, social libertarian and Juniperus aficionado married Cecil Mudge, mystical Horologist, magician and part time backstreet gambler. Famous amongst mystical and traditional society for their elegant libations and inventive culinary creations, the Junipers quickly became the greatest hosts in Georgian England.

To maintain their privacy, Cecil cloaked their home in the façade of an oft’ overlooked building somewhere in the wilds of the East London Overground. Their lively company and magical tendencies seduced even the most uptight social conformist, but what the clamouring masses really sought was a chance to glimpse Cecil Juniper’s wonderous Heironymous Clock.

What is the Heironymous Clock?

The Heironymous Clock, was the Juniper family’s greatest possession. It’s a wonderous time piece still in existence today that can propel guests back in time. What’s more, when guided correctly (by the Manor’s on-hand historians), guests can tour magical moments where fate and flavour combine to create culinary history. You just need to be brave enough to step inside.

The Juniper family, and its various descendants were fascinated, nay obsessed, with the intricacies of Gin evolution and the application of the magical juniper berry to health and happiness. So this marvellous clock was their greatest research tool. It enabled them to access pivotal moments in the past (and some say in the future too). Indeed, a glimpse at the history books will reveal the footprints of the Juniper’s throughout the ages.

Meet the Juniper’s