Juniper Manor A Gin Infused Dining Experience

Juniper Manor - Gingerline & Sipsmith
A gin-infused dining experience

What Is It?

What exactly is Juniper Manor?

The Secret Soiree at Juniper Manor is the latest multi-room dining experience from Gingerline, the creators of The Chambers of Flavour and Sipsmith, the pioneers of London's gin renaissance. It's a glorious immersive fusion of set design, interactive performance and more than a few gin-infused gastronomic secrets.

Read more about the Manor here

Why all the secrecy?

Our experience relies on the element of surprise and with that in mind we respectfully ask that you keep our secrets safe so that others can experience Juniper Manor as you have.

Help! I haven't received the location text?

Dining guests will receive the location text at 4pm on the date you booked. Very occasionally the gremlins in the ether stop it getting to you. Should this happen, just give us a call on the emergency number stated on your reminder email: 0208 001 2969

Please note this number is for on-the-night emergency contact only and will only be manned from 4pm, Tues-Saturday. For any other enquiries please contact

Can I take photos when I'm at Juniper Manor? 

Photography is only permitted in the bar area of Juniper Manor. The location details and dining experience must remain secret. 

What should I expect?

Those lucky enough to be welcomed at Juniper Manor should expect a perfectly paired four-course flavour feast all complimented by otherworldly mini Sipsmith tipples and a full night of interactive immersive entertainment and a mind-blowing gin cocktail bar – oh, and of course a delicious welcome drink on arrival.

I don’t drink gin, should I still buy a ticket?

Absolutely, expand your taste-buds and enjoy the ride!

I don’t drink alcohol, should I still buy a ticket?

Yes, just let us know in the dietary section of the booking form.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy?

Each group, or time slot, has a maximum number of 16 tickets. You are welcome to buy tickets from different time slots, however you will then be dining in separate groups at separate times. Tickets cannot be transferred to different time slots or different dates after purchase.

Is there a dress code?

We request black and white attire in any form, monocles, spats and fancy neckties are completely optional, but wholeheartedly encouraged. High-heeled shoes are fervently discouraged.

How is Juniper Manor different from Chambers of Flavour?

Well, very different! It does contain a multi-room dining experience, but Juniper Manor is an entirely different concept. Less propelling through parallel realities, more sipping gin and sauntering through time. See? A whole other thing! 

Will other drinks be available at the bar?

Yes of course!

How long does the experience last?

The experience lasts approximately 2h10m from the time on your ticket. Guests are welcome to the Juniper Manor bar from 5pm on the day of your dining adventure.

What about my dietary requirements?

You will be able to enter dietary requirements during the booking process. If you need to update these via your Eventbrite profile.

Provided you let us know at least 48-hours in advance we can usually cater for all dietary requirements, but requests on the night are a strict no-no. For those with serious food allergies, please see our Terms and Conditions and be aware that while we do our best, we cannot guarantee any menu is 100% free of allergens.

And what about mobility requirements?

Juniper Manor does require moving through spaces. Therefore an alternative path through the experience will be provided for those with mobility requirements or wheelchairs.

If you do have any mobility issues you must email us immediately once booked so that we can make any necessary preparations. Please also feel free to contact us via your Eventbrite profile in advance to discuss your requirements. 

Where is it?

Juniper Manor is located between Highbury & Islington and New Cross on the East London Overground Line. Its precise location will only be shared with Londoners lucky and brave enough to secure a coveted ticket.

Is there any flashing or strobing light?

Yes, please notify us in advance if any member of your group has photo-sensitive epilepsy. You can do so by contacting your ticket provider.